Broad SEO Case Study: Substation Health Risks

Graph showing the visibility (estimated search visibility based on placement) across all keywords

We were approached by EMF Detection to work with them on their digital marketing activities. At point of contact the company didn’t know where to invest their budget, and due to the organisation’s infancy, value for money was incredibly important.

EMF Detection had tried paid advertising with limited success previously and instead were searching for a channel that would keep providing long term enquiries without the need for constant spending. Search Engine Optimisation perfectly fit the bill.

We began by completing some in depth keyword research. Unfortunately this uncovered the fact that no significant traffic was being generated by any variant of their services locally. This meant that we ended up focussing on a small number of broad keyword phrases instead, tailoring the budget accordingly with the increase in ranking difficulty. This said, this collection of phrases were generating a healthy number of searches a month and were had the highest intent of all the variants we unearthed.

The first stage of optimisation involved a little housekeeping. The existing website required a number of actions relating to the technical aspect of SEO. Installing an SSL certificate, padding out general page content, lowering the load time, removing 404 errors and setting up redirects were all completed to remove any potential future hurdles.

Armed with our small list of broad search terms, we optimised off menu landing pages to keep written content succinct on their main service pages. We removed any inconsistency in their online presence as well as created a significant amount of new citations to provide more powerful location signals to Google. We also completed a significant amount of optimisation throughout the rest of available off page ranking factors.

“Lovely mate, getting a big wave of customers at the moment – this is great! Long may it continue. How do we keep pushing from here?”

By adding suitable written content and following a raft of other on page optimisation best practices, we saw dramatic increases in the organisation’s search visibility. The main keyword “EMF Surveys” saw a big jump up to the top of page 2 due to our on and off page optimisation, without the need to invest in any link building activities.

Of course, the top of page 2 is not a good enough outcome, so in month two we directed a big drive to build safe links to their website. This was done in a natural way meaning results will be sustainable without any threat of future Google penalties.

After building these links and giving Google enough time to observe them, we saw further increases, achieving top 4 ranking in organic listings as well as “map pack” placement. This drove EMF Detection visibility up 20% due to prominent placement in both areas of page one for the specific keyword phrase.

We now provide ongoing consultancy for EMF Detection around their content strategy, best practices in optimising their blog posts and other digital activities.

Graph showing overall search ranking increases over the campaign period up to now


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