Automation Case Study: Square Peg

We’ve been working for a while with the team at Square Peg on a number of their web development and digital marketing needs. Square Peg is a positive networking community that provides an online collaboration platform as well as regular business networking events. This means that the team have a number of responsibilities, including event management (and all the operational issues that come along with this) as well as duties around member engagement. This is in parallel to all of the sales and marketing that any organisation faces.

For our latest project we’ve been consulting and implementing a number of automation processes through a CRM system. Previously, tasks like following up with event attendees, publishing event social media reminders, circulating discount codes and more were completed manually, taking a significant amount of time every month.

“Liam has a holistic approach to websites that flows into and compliments other areas of the business, such as marketing, compliance and the overall customer journey. With Liam you get a consultant with a proactive approach – not just a website.”

How is automation helping Square Peg team meet their goals?


– Automating the event marketing process, automatically emailing existing members with their discount codes, publishing event details to social media and circulating feedback forms with a click of a button
– Automating the process of adding prospect details to the global CRM, auto-generating a welcome email personalised with details from a staff-only online form
– Analysing website usage and sending out re-marketing emails to non members
– Analysing website usage and reaching out to inactive online members
– Auto scheduling of event reminders to all social media platforms a set number of days in advance
– Sending auto-welcome emails based on membership level

And this is just the start! Our chosen white label CRM system is capable of much much more and will continue to scale with the needs of the Square Peg team, whilst remaining streamlined.

If you are interested in how automation and CRM systems can benefit your business, we’d love to talk to you more about this.

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