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Freelance web design Leeds

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I take pride in delivering one of the best freelance web design Leeds services in the city. I’ve been providing website design and digital marketing services in Leeds for 3 years as a freelancer. Before that I worked as head of marketing at a Yorkshire-based charity. Over this time I’ve had the opportunity to get to know many businesses and help them improve all aspects of their online presence.

I am an honest and professional freelancer with the knowledge and expertise to increase your leads, improve your branding and ultimately grow your business. As a freelance web designer in Leeds, I specialise in providing perfectly branded websites that solve your marketing problems. As well as maintaining a clean, modern and bespoke design through every project, we build your website around your specific call to action to maximise your lead generation or sales. No piece of written copy, image or website element is overlooked.

freelance web designer leeds

What websites do I build?

freelance web design leeds

Brochure websites
Simple websites that exist to promote your brand, products and services but don’t need to do much more than include a blog and contact forms.

freelance ecommerce websites

E-commerce websites
Websites that are able to accept payments, manage your stock, process orders and everything else that you need to run an online store. Integrate your website with your brick and mortar processes to automate the boring tasks!

freelance web development in leeds

Websites that do more
The really exciting websites need to do more, like talk to other services that you use, manage complex bookings or create entire online communities. These ones are fun to build and allow your business to grow.

Some examples of recent website design projects


You can view our freelance web design Leeds portfolio right here.

The benefits of using a freelance web designer

There are so many benefits of using a freelancer in your next web design project in Leeds. Here’s just a few:


Affordable Prices

Freelance web design tends to be far more affordable than going with an agency or bigger team. Low overheads mean lower delivery costs – you save cash without compromising on quality.

Single Point Of Contact

You only need to get to know one person, who acts as your account manager, designer, developer and everyone else. If you pick a good freelance web designer that respects your need for quick responses then this works so much better than working with a team.


Freelancers can general afford to be much more flexible than other web designer options. This means that we can easily fit around your business needs and commitments, delivering quality web design in a way that suits you.

What you need for your next Leeds freelance web design project

It’s important that you find out exactly what you’re getting for your investment. There’s a number of things that we include in every freelance web design Leeds project:


Search Engine Optimisation:

Your website is useless if you aren’t getting any interested traffic. In respect of SEO, the level of work each freelancer or web design company will do as part of your project varies massively between providers. I include full optimisation of your entire website as standard in all projects big and small so that you can get off to the strongest start post launch.


Security configuration:

The internet is a bit like the wild west and if you do not take steps to secure your website you are at risk. We take this threat seriously and take steps to protect your website in line with best practices. If you want the peace of mind of always having your website maintained, have a little look at my website care packages.


Conversion Optimisation:

Once you get visitors to your website you need to encourage them to follow your call to action – whether this is to contact you or place an order. If your website is not set up to get your visitors to engage with you then again, your website is useless. A big part of my planning is working with you to find your primary call to action. I then build this in to your final design.

Social and Email Integration:

If you are on social media or are looking to build a mail list. Don’t worry as this is always included in every web design project. You’ll be equipped with a website that brings together your social media and presents attractive sign up options for your website visitors. Perfect for combining all of your digital marketing elements.

Speed Optimisation: 

Another thing that some freelance web designers forget to do is optimise your website for speed. There’s loads that can be done to improve your page load speed and it’s crucially important to get this right as it directly impacts your search rankings. You guessed it, I include that in every web design project too.

What else am I good at?

Alongside freelance web design in Leeds, I also provide a range of complementary services that can improve your digital marketing results:

Local Search Engine Optimisation: Your website isn’t the only thing you can optimise to increase your search engine rankings – In fact it’s a small part of the opportunities out there. I guarantee to raise your local ranking for relevant keywords through a combination of core strategy and optimisation of all search engine ranking factors. Perfect alongside your freelance web design project.

Social Media: My full social media management package allows for me to handle the “low hanging” engagement and to listen and notify you when it is time to engage. I schedule industry/audience specific content and link up your online presence to generate website traffic as well as actively grow your following.

Content Marketing: Content is king! We won’t labour the point about how important blogging is but it really should be central to all of your digital marketing activities. Whether you need optimised blog posts, website copywriting, infographics, photography or any other content service, I’ve got you covered.

freelance web designer

Liam has a holistic approach to websites that flows into and compliments other areas of the business, such as marketing, compliance and the overall customer journey. With Liam you get a consultant with a proactive approach - not just a website.


Square Peg

This guy is awesome! Friendly and professional with a creative flair. Now i've got a website entirely tailored to me, thanks to him - Great guy, great service, great choice! Thanks again 🙂



It's been great working with Liam on a recent web design project in Leeds that I've been involved with. Would highly recommend LP Design, great skillset, easy to work with and delivers high quality design.



It was a real pleasure to work with Liam on this specific project brief. He came up with some great original ideas for our landing page and the feedback from our stakeholders has been very positive. The messaging is clear and sharp.

Royal Quays Business Centre

Serviced offices & coworking

Such a helpful guy who goes above & beyond every time! Have already recommended Liam to others and will continue to do so! Thank you Liam 🙂


Wizu Workspace


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