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A one page website design for a local plumbing and heating company


We’ve recently put the finishing touches on a brand new website for a Staffordshire based plumbing company. The final results is a one page (+1 page) design, meaning that menu items scroll to appropriate sections with the necessary visual cues to ensure the experience is user friendly and engaging.

For this project we took control of the branding, logo design and copywriting alongside the website design. We worked closely with the business to ensure this matched their vision and resonated with their target audience.

As always the website is secured against potential threats, optimised for search engines for relevant keywords and configured to offer the lowest possible load times. All in all, we and S&L Plumbing are very happy with the final result.



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Liam is a website designer and digital marketer based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. He spent many years working within the charity sector before moving into the marketing space a number of years ago. Liam always strives to do something slightly different with every project and always designs to deliver results, not just pretty websites.