Top Reasons To Outsource Your Digital Marketing

There are a number of ways small to medium sized businesses can achieve results through digital marketing. Generally it boils down to whether you hire and train and internal team or decide to outsource all marketing responsibilities to an agency or freelancer.

Depending on the size of your business and your industry, there are benefits and cons for both. This said, many local businesses decide to outsource their digital marketing to an external party. This approach has continue to grow in popularity over the years because of it’s flexibility, affordability and it’s effectiveness. So if you’re currently deciding whether to outsource your digital marketing, then here’s a few reasons why we think you should (although we are a little biased!).

Save a bit of cash

Money shouldn’t be the root of every decision you make however it is a pretty powerful driving force. If you compare the cost of outsourcing your marketing to the financial implications of hiring, training, managing and paying an employee, the external route will always come out cheaper.

Since you have no responsibilities to pay a salary every month, a fixed monthly fee with a digital agency sets you back less than 50% (sometimes even up to 75%). Add on the savings made from not having to buy or maintain the required tools and you’re laughing.

And despite being much cheaper than managing an internal team, quality and results are not compromised…

Access specialisms and vast expertise

Where your team cover many different duties across different areas, an external online marketer lives and breathes all things digital on a daily basis. It’s likely that they’ll have conducted campaigns like yours dozens of times before with demonstrable results. They’ll have seen all the things that can go wrong and therefore have an arsenal of tried and tested approaches.

This is hard to replicate with an internal team. It’s likely that your marketing employee won’t have the same experience in all different digital channels to match those of an outsource freelancer. With the daily responsibilities within your business, it’s hard for internal teams to up-skill quickly meaning that overall, every business can benefit by tapping into the knowledge and experience of an external agency.

Who’s got the time?

We’re guilty of working evenings and weekends just to make sure everything gets done so we empathise with all small business owners out there. It’s tough to do any task effectively when you wear so many hats, jumping from admin to sales and back again.

In essence outsourcing is trading your money for precious time. With an external marketer being accountable for all of your marketing responsibilities you can focus on running your business. In any case, when campaigns are run effectively you’ll see a return on your investment in no time. Effectively you gain more time and better results.

Would you benefit from a fresh perspective?

It’s easy to get lost in your own business and when you’re running it day to day it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to reveal new opportunities and this is exactly what you get when engaging a digital marketing freelancer.

Typically an outsourced marketing partner will audit all of your existing activities, taking into account general and industry specific best practice. Although a marketing agency may not know your business inside out, they are well positioned to bring new ideas to the table. Internal marketing teams may fall into the same way of doing things and all that may be needed is for somebody to come along and tweak a few elements here and there. It’s a lot easier for digital agencies to take a calculated risk on new ideas than it is for your internal employees.

Benefit from the latest tools and technology

As essential as good marketing and analytics software is, it’s super expensive. Digital marketing agencies and freelancers can afford to maintain the latest tools because results achieved for multiple clients enables the cost. Unfortunately small and medium sized businesses can’t always justify the price of this technology meaning the best way to access them is through an outsourced partner.

When passing over the responsibilities of your digital marketing to a freelancer or agency means you can be confident that your campaigns and digital marketing activities are benefitting from the latest technology.


When employing an internal staff member you are committing to paying a monthly salary, along with all associated costs like training, pensions, NI etc. Regardless of how well your business does this cost will always remain. Although we don’t think it’s great for any one to be replaced by an outsourced partner, you do achieve a level of flexibility that you otherwise would not have.

It’s common for agencies to tailor each marketing package specifically to their clients and therefore you have a say in how much you’d like to invest in different channels (e.g. SEO, social media, content marketing etc). If your business is growing and doing well you may want to upgrade your budgets to bring in new business. If you hit a bit of a down turn, it’s just as easy to scale down your monthly expenditure too.

Final thoughts

We hope you’ve found this post informative. As always, if you have any questions or would like a discussion around your marketing needs, please let us know.

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