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There comes a point in all business journeys where your sales, marketing and administrative demands become difficult to manage. If you are struggling to fill your lead pipeline because of your paid work, or the amount of leads you have to qualify is becoming overwhelming, then it is time to find a better way of doing things.

Customer Relationship Management systems have the power to automate many of your time consuming processes, whether these relate to marketing, prospecting, lead generation or administration. Often these applications can do it better, giving you the ability to personalise your communication with your various target audiences, increasing the chances they’ll buy from you.


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CRM automation – simple but effective

We utilise a variety of powerful pre built, white-labelled CRM systems and configure them to automate your sales and marketing processes. Through consultation we’ll identify your particular pain points and address your lengthiest processes, allowing your staff to focus instead on the best opportunities. We’ve done the research on loads of industry leading CRM applications over the past few years.
This means we’re well placed to recommend and integrate the automation solutions that are best for you and your business.

In terms of costs, we charge an initial setup fee based on your needs, followed by minimal monthly payments that wrap up your CRM usage and our ongoing support and consultancy. Enquire for more details!


Cost Effective

You get powerful functionality to build your business without the significant upfront cost of a custom built application. Trade the initial investment with monthly payments based on your usage and needs.

Cloud Based

All of our CRM solutions are based in the cloud so you can access your data no matter where you are in the world. This also means your data consistently remains safe and protected.


Regardless of how your business grows in the future, our solutions can grow with you. Pricing is based on your number of users and the number of processes you automate, so you can start small and build as you go.

What does this mean for me?

Oh, so many things!

From the simple

  • Automate social media posts based on your website activity
  • Automatically let your contacts know about newly published events
  • Create and grow newsletter lists from your website traffic automatically
  • Send different offers and promotions to different customers
  • Save new email enquiries to a spreadsheet


To more interesting

  • Create extended email campaigns that automatically adjust based on how the user interacts with your emails and website
  • Build up comprehensive pictures of your customers likelihood to buy from you, sending the most interested to your sales team
  • Profile customers and place them into custom campaigns depending on their wants and needs
  • On boarding processes that speed up your delivery

Above all this means more user engagement, less time qualifying potential leads and super-personalised customer experiences.

All great for your sales and therefore the success of your business!


Liam has a holistic approach to websites that flows into and compliments other areas of the business, such as marketing, compliance and the overall customer journey. With Liam you get a consultant with a proactive approach - not just a website.


Square Peg

This guy is awesome! Friendly and professional with a creative flair. Now i've got a website entirely tailored to me, thanks to him - Great guy, great service, great choice! Thanks again 🙂



It's been great working with Liam on a recent web design project in Leeds that I've been involved with. Would highly recommend LP Design, great skillset, easy to work with and delivers high quality design.



It was a real pleasure to work with Liam on this specific project brief. He came up with some great original ideas for our landing page and the feedback from our stakeholders has been very positive. The messaging is clear and sharp.

Royal Quays Business Centre

Serviced offices & coworking

Such a helpful guy who goes above & beyond every time! Have already recommended Liam to others and will continue to do so! Thank you Liam 🙂


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