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Just a short drive from Leeds, we have a long relation with Barnsley. Located in South Yorkshire, Barnsley is a former industrial town famous for its coal mines. As a town located in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, the city continues to appeal as popular destination. The town offers all types of attractions, natural beauty and industrial heritage. Along with all the great attractions, you’ll find friendly, generous people.

You’ll find a lovely town with a history that draws you in. Everything from the Yorkshire battle fields, castles and ruins to the Yorkshire railway attractions make this a great place to visit…or live. We’re happy to offer our high-quality web design Barnsley services. We do stay busy, but when we’re not designing websites or managing our clients’ social media channels, you’ll find us at the Experience Barnsley Museum and Discovery Centre, where we enjoy viewing all the exhibits. This is a place where you can definitely find something for everyone! We sometimes enjoy a great dinner over at the Favela Brazilian Grill, where you can enjoy smoke meats, fresh salads and traditional Brazilian cuisine. We also enjoy spending some down time at the Tipsy Cow, a cosy bar that offers an excellent selection of ales, wines and spirits. And sometimes we need to shop, so we head on over to Barnsley’s unique 21st Century Market Town, filled with fashion shops, gifts and more.

web design barnsley

Web design Barnsley by Liam Pedley Design

We offer services for all sizes and types of business in Barnsley. We work with them to develop amazing websites and solve their web design and digital marketing problems. We remove the hassle from web design by providing you with a simple, honest and transparent process every time.

As a web design agency, we tailor our services to your unique digital marketing challenges. We provide specific goals to meet your business needs and goals. We’ll work with you to develop and improve leads, and ultimately your results. You’ll be happy with our web design Barnsley services.

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What do we provide?

Barnsley web design

At Liam Pedley Design, our expertise is creating bespoke web design packages that meet the needs of your company. We are proactive when it comes to learn about you and your business requirements. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have a beautiful tailored website that’s true to your brand and designed to increase conversion rates. From our first consultation, we aim to work with you to find how we can support your company and achieve future goals. We work to customize our services to meet your business needs.

We also provide digital marketing services to:

  • Improve your site’s search engine optimisation
  • Increase inbound leads
  • Manage social media channels
  • Email & content marketing
  • PPC advertising
  • And more

Do you face budget constraints? Don’t worry, we operate a lean Barnsley web design company, so we can keep our prices competitive. We offer customised packages, so one is sure to meet your budget needs. We’ll always keep budget constraints into account. You can have confidence that we offer a range of services that deliver results for most businesses, while staying within their budgets.


Some examples of recent website design projects


You can view our web design Barnsley portfolio right here.

Website design features

Our Barnsley web design packages are thoroughly packed with value, so you can count on us to make sure nothing is left out. Every website we design includes these services:


Once your site is live, if you’re interested in learning how to manage and update the site yourself, we’ll teach you and your team how to do this. We provide full training that includes managing every aspect of your website including updating content, managing products and even adding blog posts.

Speed optimisation
If your website loads too slowly, you’ll lose site visitors quickly. They won’t hang around waiting for the page to load. And search engines will penalise your site if they find it has long loading times. We take speed seriously and aim to optimise every aspect of your website. Your product website will load faster, no matter how complex or large the website may be.


Conversion strategy
If your website doesn’t convert visitors into leads, you’re losing money and the site is useless. You can count on us to gain knowledge about your business and industry. With this knowledge, we’ll improve your branding and the site’s conversion rates. During our consultation, we’ll help you determine a call to action that will keep visitors on the site longer, convincing them to take that next all-important step.

With the advent of the GDPR legislation, you are now responsibility for the way data is collected and handled. We make sure your site is compliant from the start. It’s much easier to build a compliant site in the beginning, rather than later. We take compliance seriously.

Website security

Bad guys are out to commit data breaches and access websites without the proper access. This is a daily occurrence that every business, large to small, needs to take seriously. To keep your business and website safe, it’s necessary to stay ahead of the cybercriminals who are busy developing new strategies and plans each day. We take website security seriously. You can count on us to build your website with security measures from the very beginning. We do everything possible to protect your business, while staying ahead of the bad guys.

We offer a variety of website design care packages that will bring you peace of mind. We’re dedicated to keep your website updates, fast and online 365 days a year. If the unfortunate does occur, and an unauthorised person accesses your site, we’ll act quickly. We’ll install a backup right away, so your website will be back online within minutes. If your site’s having trouble or you’re having issues with online marketing, give us a call—we’re ready to help!


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Why Choose Us For Your next Web Design Project?

barnsley website design

You don’t want to be intimidated by a web designer. You’ll find we’re different—we have a small web design and digital marketing group located in beautiful Barnsley. We enjoy working with all types of organisations and charities, assisting them by expanding their online presence through customised digital marketing services. These services include web design, SEO, social media management and content marketing.

We’re not your typical web design agency. We are intent on listening to you, rather than talking. This help us better understand your industry, business needs, goals and mission. Our goal is to offer an efficient, cost-effective friendly web design service. We take the hassle and confusion out of digital marketing and web design. We promise you results—it’s that simple.

Looking for website design in Barnsley?

We think we could be a good fit for your company. We’re confident that you’ll love working with us. Get in touch with us now and we work with us to get your project off the ground!


Liam has a holistic approach to websites that flows into and compliments other areas of the business, such as marketing, compliance and the overall customer journey. With Liam you get a consultant with a proactive approach - not just a website.


Square Peg

This guy is awesome! Friendly and professional with a creative flair. Now i've got a website entirely tailored to me, thanks to him - Great guy, great service, great choice! Thanks again 🙂



It's been great working with Liam on a recent web design project in Leeds that I've been involved with. Would highly recommend LP Design, great skillset, easy to work with and delivers high quality design.



It was a real pleasure to work with Liam on this specific project brief. He came up with some great original ideas for our landing page and the feedback from our stakeholders has been very positive. The messaging is clear and sharp.

Royal Quays Business Centre

Serviced offices & coworking

Such a helpful guy who goes above & beyond every time! Have already recommended Liam to others and will continue to do so! Thank you Liam 🙂


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