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Whether your company owns an e-commerce business, or you run a carpet cleaning business, we’ll work with you to design a tailored website to meet your company’s needs and goals. We work to engage your customers and clients, while promoting your business. We are committed to providing you with a web design service focused on you, the customer. We’ll provide you the best website design in Manchester. The result will be a beautiful website created with your budget in mind. Your website will meet the company’s goals—every time.

As the third most visited city in the UK (after London and Edinburgh), Manchester is famous for its beautiful architecture, culture, science and engineering and more. Only a short drive from Leeds, Manchester is famous for its restaurants, art exhibitions (that may seem a bit “out there”) to its clubs. The city offers an artisanal coffee crawl, the Manchester Museum with its extensive collection of fossils (you may even see a famous T-Rex there), and much more.

Where can you find us in Manchester? You might find us enjoying lunch at Manchester’s Chinatown, which is said to be one of the largest in Europe. Or you may find us enjoying the exhibitions at the city’s National Football Museum. On a weekend evening, we love to visit the Dakota Bar & Grill, over on Ducie Street. Here, you’ll find everything from sea food to steak, along with some great vegetarian and gluten free offerings. During the week, after a hectic day at work, we like to grab a pint at the Port Street Beer House. We also enjoy a relaxing, peaceful walk through the Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens. The plants vary from season to season, so there’s always something beautiful to see. We also enjoy the birds in the garden, including the ring neck parakeets. We love the people and the city—and we’re happy to offer our services here to help your business grow.

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Who are we? Liam Pedley Design: providing Website design in Manchester

We’re here to provide you with the best website designer services. Here’s what you can expect when working with us:


A Friendly service

We’re a Yorkshire-based business, which means you can expect us to be friendly, honest, and transparent. You can count on us for conscientious attention to the details that are important to you and your business. We aim to meet each of your website needs, every time.

Personal experience

We’re different and want to work with you and get to know your business. Would you like to visit with us over a friendly cuppa? We’ll listen to you and discuss your business goals and what you’d like to achieve. Our services don’t end here. Our Manchester web design team provides excellent communication all throughout the project. We’ll keep in touch with you on a regular basis. You’ll never need to wonder what’s happening—we’ll let you know at each step. You can watch as your site is built over time.


Fully equipped

We love building websites, but our services don’t stop there. We take care of search engine optimisation and more. You can count us to optimise your site to increase traffic and leads that convert. We’ll find help you connect with your target audience, no matter where they “life” online. We take care to ensure your site is optimised to bring your target audience to your site.

Affordable pricing

In case we didn’t mention it earlier, we provide you with affordable pricing. You’ll get everything—from a beautifully designed site that puts your business ahead of the competition, to modern themes and styles. All of this is available for a competitive price in Manchester. There’s no need to worry about your budget. We’ve got that covered and we promise to never compromise on quality and originality.

Comprehensive packages

Our packages include the designing of digital assets such as logos, banners, infographics and more. We can also optimise your site’s content to attract your target audience. When your website is completed, we continue to work with you to ensure your website continues to convert.

Our popular and trusted web design Manchester services include:

Website redesign: have you noticed a drop in traffic? Does the site appear drab and worn? We can help you! A site that’s seen better days can appear lackluster and old to site visitors. It could be time for a website redesign. We’ll work with you to take your worn out content and drab site and redesign them to attract your customers. Your site will experience new life with our rebranding and updating efforts. We make sure your website will beat out the competition.

What’s involved in rebranding and updating? It’s more than just breathing new life into your site. We make sure your site meets the current trends in marketing. Your site will be brought up to date with a mobile friendly design. Without responsive design, your company’s website will fall in the search engine rankings. We make sure your site is up to speed in all ways, which increases the website’s raking in the search engines.

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Branding and logo design: we also work with you to blend branding with your website design project. Maybe a new company logo is necessary, or you’re just starting out. Either way, strong branding is needed for your digital presence. If your website doesn’t provide strong branding, your brand’s reputation could potentially suffer. We’ve got you covered here, too.

Our team can design a logo that makes you stand out from the competition. Your customers will remember your distinctive logo, which helps them to remember your company long after visiting the website. We work to make your brand come alive and set it apart from competitors. You can count on us.


Search engine optimisation: a website that’s not correctly optimised will cost you customers. We take SEO seriously. Without proper optimisation, no one will find your website or business. With proper optimisation, your business will rank higher in the search, which brings more site visitors to your business website.

We take Google’s SEO guidelines and recommendations seriously. We have the technical know-how – our website design Manchester team can optimise your site, which will rank it higher in the search results. There are some 200 ranking factors that are always changing. We’re aware of this and our team understands all of this. We use our knowledge to keep your website up to date and rank higher.

E-commerce website design: we’ll help your business gain more customers and generate sales with the help of our Manchester web design experts. Our experienced team regularly designs secure e-commerce sites. You can count on us to make sure your site is easy to use and engages your customers.

We’ll make sure your website has a full SSL certificate and secure user logins. Users will be able to easily login, and then move through the site, then make a purchase with no hassle. They’ll trust you, which is crucial for an e-commerce business. If your website’s not secure, customers will feel this and avoid handing over their cash. This is why you can count on us to make your website secure.

Brochure website design: if you need a sleek, simple brochure website, our Manchester web design team has the right solution for you. We create beautiful visual brochure sites. They have fewer pages, which makes them smaller than a typical website. Your site users will find all the information they need and wants in one space. Our experience has shown that with fewer distractions and less content, users make a faster decision. They can head directly into the next step without all the distractions.

People will engage with your content on a brochure site and then quickly take the next step. Our designs are simple and offer a cost-effective option compared to a full e-commerce build.

Some examples of recent website design projects


You can view our Manchester website design portfolio right here.

Why Choose Us For Your next Web Design Project?

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We’re here to tell you we’re different from other web designers. We’ll never outsource any of our work overseas. You can count on us to provide the meticulous attention to deal and we’re here to list to you, rather than talk a bunch of jargon at you. We want to get to the heart of your business needs and goals. We’ll keep costs affordable, too, and we’ll never take the “charge as much as we can get away with” approach. You can count on us to always provide you with friendly, honest and reliable service every time.

And along with web design, we’re also pretty good at digital marketing, too. We have extensive experience delivering results driven campaigns across a wide variety of channels including social, search and PPC.

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Liam has a holistic approach to websites that flows into and compliments other areas of the business, such as marketing, compliance and the overall customer journey. With Liam you get a consultant with a proactive approach - not just a website.


Square Peg

This guy is awesome! Friendly and professional with a creative flair. Now i've got a website entirely tailored to me, thanks to him - Great guy, great service, great choice! Thanks again 🙂



It's been great working with Liam on a recent web design project in Leeds that I've been involved with. Would highly recommend LP Design, great skillset, easy to work with and delivers high quality design.



It was a real pleasure to work with Liam on this specific project brief. He came up with some great original ideas for our landing page and the feedback from our stakeholders has been very positive. The messaging is clear and sharp.

Royal Quays Business Centre

Serviced offices & coworking

Such a helpful guy who goes above & beyond every time! Have already recommended Liam to others and will continue to do so! Thank you Liam 🙂


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We're looking forward to hearing from you! Or call us instead.

Fun Stuff: By submitting your information you are consenting to the handling of your data as per our Privacy Policy

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