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So you’ve searched “web design Harrogate” or “harrogate website design” or something similar, seen our listing and clicked it. Thanks, it’s good to have you here and you’re in the right place. At Liam Pedley Design we specialise in providing top quality web design, search engine optimisation, content marketing and other digital services to local businesses, freelancers and charities across Yorkshire.

Although we’re based in Leeds, we’re so close to Harrogate that we can almost smell it. Besides, we love any excuse to drive through the countryside to Harrogate. When we are not working on website design projects, we really enjoy a long walk around Harlow Carr to cleanse our body and souls. Sometimes when we’re feeling a bit more energetic you may find us touring Ripley Castle followed by a tipple at Spirit of Harrogate. Best of all, the Llamas of Nidderdale. Yes, we’re in love with the Llamas of Nidderdale.

In fact, if you find yourself in Harrogate any time in the future we definitely recommend you check out what’s going on at the time.


What you need: Quality Web Design Harrogate

You need a team that really wants to get to know you and your business. We’re really interested in your problems, your current needs and long term goals so we can align with your interested an deliver a Harrogate web design project that actively grows your business.

You also need to work with reliable, transparent and honest people that truly care about your digital success. We think that we can make your harrogate website design project more successful and more fun than any other providers that you’ve been researching. We’re experienced, knowledgable and we’ve had (probably too much) time experimenting with what works and what doesn’t. Learn more about us.


What is included in all of our harrogate web design projects?

We pay attention to the details where others might not. We take pride in our work and therefore we include lots of different things as standard in every website design project.


Search Engine Optimisation – To get your website off to the best possible start we need to optimise your website for search engines. This involves doing some keyword research and find which phrases your target audience are using to find businesses just like yours. We then do all of the on-page optimisation needed to give you the best possible chance of ranking. If you like, we can also optimise everything else too.

Functionality – We can create websites that pretty much do anything you’ll ever need. Whether it’s a learner management system, membership websites or e-commerce functionality. Your finished product will do what it needs to do to support the growth of your business or venture.

Speed – With load speed a confirmed factor in how well you rank in search engines it’s important to get it right. We build websites with speed in mind so you can be sure that your finished website will load in lightning speed.

Security – The internet is like the wild west and your website will need to be protected against attacks going forward. Again, we take security very seriously and take steps to best protect your website. If you want ongoing protection, you might also want to know more about our website care packages.


Other than harrogate website design, what else do we offer?

Web design harrogate – You already know this one, but we wanted to remind you!

Local search engine optimisation – There’s a lot more that you can do when it comes to SEO than optimise your website (and we’ll have already done that!). We can optimise your entire online presence so that you are attracting more and more interested people that are ready to be turned into leads and customers.

Social media management – Social media is an essential marketing tool that you cannot ignore. The only problem is that it takes a lot of time and practice to do it well. We’ve had a lot of time to learn what works and what doesn’t and can provide this experience in our fully managed social media package. We’ll post informative content, grow your following, increase your engagement and ultimately generate more interest in your products and services.

Content marketing – Content should be a key part of any digital marketing campaign. Good content builds trust, brings more visitors to your website and generates more customers. We’re pretty good at creating content in any medium, whether you need written content, images, graphic design or video.


Get in touch for Harrogate web development and more


So if you are in need of website design in harrogate, give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to answer any questions and discuss your requirements in more detail. If you fancy a trip to Leeds, pop in and say hi!

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We're looking forward to hearing from you! Or call us instead.

Fun Stuff: By submitting your information you are consenting to the handling of your data as per our Privacy Policy

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