How To Record And Manage Video In WordPress

Video as a medium can be very useful for businesses for many reasons. For instance collecting and publishing video testimonials can be far more effective than the written quote. Allowing users to record and publish videos can be great for engagement on forums or membership communities and capturing video pitches can be a great hiring tool.

Regardless of how you plan to adopt video for your business, the challenge is how you go about integrating that kind of functionality into your website. Fortunately it is very possible to add video functionality to your WordPress website and we can accomplish this by using a few different plugins, depending on how you’re planning to use video.

Here’s 3 plugin examples of how you can record and manage video from within your WordPress website. 

Video blog posts

Doing content marketing well can have a transformative impact on your inbound marketing results and lower costs. Typically the most common strategy is to produce high quality long form written blog posts however this may not capture the attention of all of your visitors. You may want to consider mixing it up with a few video blogs.

Rather than redirect users to a YouTube or Vimeo channel, why not record and publish video right from your website?

The plugin Video Posts Webcam Recorder allows you to do just that. This plugin provides a simple to install short code that when inserted into a widget, will display the recorder anywhere on your website. Any video recorded and uploaded will be compressed and it works on all devices.

With this plugin you can allow your staff and editors to record and upload their own content alongside yours. 

User generated videos

Allowing your users to record their own video on your website comes with a myriad of benefits and applications. Video submitted by visitors can be used for testimonials, video interviews/pitches, questionnaires or for general engagement within your community.

Clipchamp comes in really handy here and has a great set of functionalities that aid with the collection and storage of user submitted video. Simply create an account and download the WordPress plugin. After installing that you’ll need to configure a few cosmetic and storage settings and you’re ready to accept video recordings.

Clipchamp is slightly special in that you can automatically record, compress and save user generated content to remote storage like Dropbox and Google Drive. This cuts down the amount of data saved on your server and is arguably more secure. Equally if you prefer you can save directly to your media library ready to be viewed or inserted into your pages and posts.

Just remember to opt for the “Collect” package to get access to the WordPress plugin and API (if you’re a little more techy and require advanced customisation).


Adding video collection to contact forms

There’s times when you’ll want to collect video as part of a contact or form process and fortunately there’s a solution for that as well. This solution works well for when you have online job application forms or want to collect survey data that includes video feedback.

To achieve this we’ll need to look at Clipchamp again. This time we’ll take advantage of the built in Gravity Forms integration that comes with the Collect package and WordPress plugin.

Once you have both plugins installed you can embed a Clipchamp video recorder by creating a new form and navigating to “Advanced Fields”. You’ll see Video Upload here which you can drag into your new form.

This connection between two great plugins means you can create complex and endlessly customisable forms that include video recording functionality.


Selling video tutorials

Providing valuable insight and training via video can be a great way to earn passive income. Once created, this content will always be valuable if you monetise it. Fortunately there’s a plugin for that too!

If you don’t need the vast options that are provided by membership plugins like Paid Memberships Pro there are alternatives that will play nice with video recording and management. Take Paid Membership & Content for example. This plugin controls access to video content by membership role. You’re able to sell membership and therefore access to specific content.

Paid Membership & Content integrates nicely with Video Posts Webcam Recorder (they’re created by the same team so we’d hope so) and you’ll be selling video content in no time!


Another multi-use video plugin

Although we haven’t used it ourselves, we stumbled upon Pipe Video Recorder while collecting information for this blog and it looks like a good one! Pipe allows you to record video in pretty much any way you’d need. Video resumes, creating VLOGs, collecting testimonials, embedding video in any page or post and the ability to review submissions/produce multiple takes is all possible. We recommend you take a look at Pipe, since it includes a number of really useful integrations too!

*Edit 17th December 2019 – It appears that for some reason WP has “closed” the Pipe plugin. Until it is reinstated, they have written a blog post around how you can still integrate Pipe with your WP site. Read more.


Final thoughts

We hope you’ve found this blog useful. We love integrating functionality into existing or new websites so if you require any web design support we’d love to help. Simple get in touch

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