Our Favourite Dog Walks In Leeds

When we’ve spent a full day working on website design or search engine optimisation it’s nice to have an excuse to go outside for a while (unless it’s raining, snowing, cold or we just have better things to do). It’s during this time where we are obligated to take our office mascot (Max) out for his daily stroll.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of our favourite dog walking spots in Leeds to inspire you for your next one. 

Goldenacre Park



Our favourite place to go for a walk with the dog is Goldenacre Park in the Bramhope . Historically an amusement park, Goldenacre is a lovely stretch of fields, woods and lake that takes about an hour to walk around at a leisurely pace. There’s a perfect mix of secluded pathways and open spaces for tiring out your furry friend whilst enjoying your surroundings.

If you use the top car park (closest to Alwoodley) then the cafe is situated exactly half way through the walk and is the perfect spot for a nice hot chocolate. Dogs aren’t allowed inside the cafe but it does boast a really big outdoor seating area that is partially covered. 

Roundhay Park



Rounday Park in Roundhay (obviously) is so big that it’s possible to go for a walk on a number of occasions and never tread the same ground twice.

Near to Tropical World, the top of the hill is an open stretch of field on both sides of the road, offering dog walkers lots of space to throw a ball or generally meander through.

Further in you’ll find two lakes – both are the perfect size to walk around and take about 45 minutes to an hour at a casual pace. The lower lake has the lovely Lakeside Cafe that looks out over the water and theres ample parking around the Park no matter which direction you want to head in. 

Eccup Reservoir



If you’ve got a particularly energetic dog then a longer walk may be necessary. Eccup Reservoir in Alwoodley. This reservoir really is a hidden gem – to find it drive along Alwoodley Lane and look for a public footpath sign. If you look closely you’ll find a narrow lane leading to some trees.

The full walk around the reservoir takes you past beautiful woodlands, past the golf course and along some lovely trails. The entire walk takes about 2 hours so prepare some decent shoes. Theres plenty of opportunities for your canine friend to have a run around and even more things for them to smell and investigate. 

Leeds Liverpool Canal



The Leeds Liverpool is the longest canal in Britain and is 127 miles long. Obviously we don’t suggest you attempt the full distance – we recommend getting on at Horsforth and covering the route to Kirkstall or Apperley Bridge.

If you head to Kirkstall then you have plenty of pubs to stop in on the way, all of which are dog friendly. If you decide to go to Apperley Bridge then you can still refresh yourself at the pubs at the end of the journey.

These two walks take about an hour each way and are perfect for during the day when the weather is nice. 

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