Joshua Van Leader.

Artist, Illustrator and Designer

A minimalist e-commerce design for a poet, illustrator and designer


We were approached by Joshua Van Leader to create a minimal website that did a great job at showcasing his work, but also a platform from which to sell his various artwork, one of a kind clothing and books.

The result is a clean, incredibly minimal and focussed website that centres all attention on Joshua’s pieces. The platform provides simple and intuitive ecommerce functionality to manage stock, place orders, issue refunds and everything else you’d expect an online shop to do.

The illustrations page features a user friendly slider that has been customised to work on the chosen platform, resulting in an effective portfolio page that is good to use.


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Liam is a website designer and digital marketer based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. He spent many years working within the charity sector before moving into the marketing space a number of years ago. Liam always strives to do something slightly different with every project and always designs to deliver results, not just pretty websites.