Your Website Vs Your Business Card

Business cards are still a useful way to interact and connect with others; however, they’re not very effective. We live at a time when digital has taken over traditional print media. When it comes to effective interactions, most businesses have come to realise that a website is the best way to connect with site visitors, current and potential customers.

Here are some reasons that a website is more effective than your business card:

1). Access Anywhere, Anytime

A website offers a way for people to gain information, make purchases, request assistance from anywhere in the world, at any time. Not only is this an advantage over business cards, but you’re also making the lives of site visitors, current and potential customers easier, too.

When customers have questions, they can turn to your site for in-depth information and assistance. They can read through content such as blog posts, FAQs, and more to find what they need, when they need it.

If site visitors are interested purchasing a service or product, they can do it online at their own convenience. Potential customers can even read product descriptions, view images of products, and more directly on the site.

Finally, your site can also make it easier for potential & current customers to contact you. By including a contact page, you make it easier for them to reach out with questions or for assistance. All the company contact information is found in one place, making it easy for them to get in touch.

Your website is available at all times, while business cards are most effective when handed directly to a person. So, the website increases your reach, while also improving customer service. No business card can do all that.

2). Better Outreach & Updates

After handing off a business card, it may be stuffed away never to see the light of day again. There goes your marketing effort. On the other hand, a website is valuable self-marketing tool.

The website can be used to advertise what the company does, the services it provides, and more. It can even include information about key staff, so potential customers have an idea who they may be talking with. That’s a valuable advertising method that’s not possible with a business card.

The site can also be used to provide important updates about new products & services, or other important information. This can all be done in real-time, too.

A website that has been well-designed, is attractive and easy to navigate will be more effective than a business card in generating new business and new customers.

3). Increase Your Competition

Because we live in a digital world, you need to be where the target audience and the competition are, which is online. If the competition is online, but you’re not, then people will go to the competition instead of you.

Plus, you can also keep an eye on the competition and learn their strategies and methods. What if your competitor has some new online discounts? If you’re online, then you can offer discounts to compete for business!

A well-built, SEO website also works to increase revenue, too. When your business is available 24/7, customers can shop, read content, and more at their own convenience. You can also share information about discounts, new products, promotions, and more through the site.

And remember you can also use the website to build a newsletter. Just add a signup form to the site and it will gather information for you. The value of a newsletter is that you can instantly reach out to people who are already interested in what your company provides. You save time and money, too, by not resorting to traditional marketing methods to reach out to customers. A business card can’t do all that.

4). Getting Customer Reviews

Websites are also useful tools for gathering feedback from customers, be it positive or negative. Both are useful.

Negative reviews let you know about problems and issues, such as poor customer service problems. If you receive enough feedback about specific issues, then you know where the company needs to improve or change.

On the other hand, positive reviews let you know where the company is doing well. It also can be used on the website to build credibility and trust with potential customers. Positive reviews let these people know that your company is legitimate, and that you offer quality products & services.

No matter the type of feedback received, replying to your customers’ reviews also increase trust and credibility. Customers feel valued and respected when they’re listened to. In fact, this is a great way to build lasting relationships, which usually turn into loyal customers who keep coming back for more.

5). Increase Brand Awareness

Business cards can help with brand awareness, but they must be personally handed out. After that, who knows if the cards will even be viewed again. That one shot to gain attention may be lost. However, with a website there are no limits of this kind.

A website can be your company’s home on the web. It can include blogs, videos, FAQs, and more that all help to increase the reach and awareness of your business and brand.

A website can also showcase work you’ve done in the past. This can be valuable for anyone who would like to see exactly what you can do. It’s possible to include project names, details, and even images. No business card can accomplish this.

6). Gain Insights & Analytics on Site Visitors & Customers

A website is also a great way to gain insights and demographic information on site visitors through analytics. Think about it. What happens when you hand off a business card? Will that person pass it to another? If so, will you learn anything about these potential customers? Probably not.

However, with a website it’s possible to track what site visitors and customers are doing on the site. You can track clicks on specific pages, see how long people stay on specific pages, and even learn if they share a link from your site on social media.

All of this data is important because you gain valuable data and insights on the people who are using your site. This data can then be used to improve the site, create more targeted content, and more.

Business cards are still a valuable tool; however, today no business that wishes to be success can get by without a website. No business card will be able to do all of the things outlined above. It’s not possible.

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