6 plugins and tools that add great functionality to your website

We’re always on the hunt for big and small features that we can add to our website to make the user experience better, collect more leads and sometimes just to make it a little more original or fun.

The past few months have been no different and we’ve come across a number of plugins and tools that do one of these three things. Hopefully you can enjoy at least one of the following features and find some use for them in your next project or your own website.


Reading Position Indicator


This plugin is incredibly simple. It’s only purpose is to display a progress bar at the top or bottom of your website. You can see it in action at the top of this very blog post.

As well as being interactive, this progress bar also serves a great purpose. It allows your users to understand the length of the content just by scrolling and reduces your bounce rate.

Being fully customisable, you can change the appearance of the bar to suit your branding or wider website. You can tweak the position of the bar, it’s colour, thickness and choose when to display it (you might want to only show the bar on your blog posts).

The best thing about this plugin is that it’s completely free – download it here.




Ever wanted to collect video submissions from your website visitors? The Clipchamp service and associated WordPress plugin allow you to do just this. Clipchamp allows your to embed a video submission form anywhere on your website that when clicked enables website visitors to record video directly from your website. Once a video is created you can decide whether you want it to be saved on your website, sent to Google Drive and/or published automatically to your blog.

Clipchamp is perfect for lots of situations. If you run a membership community, the functionality allows users to generate video content that can be shared across your website. If you need to collect video testimonials from your clients (which you really should consider) then it’s quite easy to create a landing page that you can circulate to clients and customers that includes the video submission form. Your customers can then easily record the testimonial and it is automatically sent to your remote storage.

Clipchamp requires a monthly subscription to use the service but they do offer a generous free trial. Even once you are on the paid subscription, this is only $9 – vastly cheaper than any other services available.

We promise we are earning no affiliate commission with Clipchamp, we just like their service so much! Learn more here.




Interactivity is an important part of web design. Subtle but interesting animations that react to a users behaviour are a great way to keep people on your website for longer giving you a bigger chance to convince them to engage. ParticlesJS is one of those pretty effects that you can lose time playing with (see it in action).

The particles effect works on the background of any of your website modules and it’s a free JS library. Normally it can be a bit of a pain to integrate libraries with WordPress, especially if you’ve not had experience doing this sort of thing. Luckily, the effect has been included in the ParticlesJS plugin that you can also download for free.





Anyone that previously used Clef before it stopped being developed will know the simple pleasure of two factor authentication done well. Two factor authentication adds another step to logging into your online accounts and can take the form of a text message, phone call or email code. Keyy provides an alternative to the above methods and it’s far more user friendly.

Keyy has snuggled nicely into the gap that Clef made when it became unavailable. Keyy allows you to log into your website without your password, simply by scanning the delightful on-screen code. As well as being much more convenient for logging in quickly to your websites, it is also much more secure. Any malicious person will find it really difficult to access your website without access to your device. All you need is the Keyy WordPress plugin to be installed and the smartphone app.

Ps. Don’t worry about losing your trusted device, Keyy has options to get you back into your website if your phone is lost or stolen.

Find out a bit more about Keyy.




Tawk.To is another useful tool that we’ve grown to appreciate over the past months. Tawk.To enables a live chat feature to your website, allowing visitors to contact you more easily.

When it comes to sales, live chat apps reduce the “mental obstacles” that are normally involved in getting in touch with you. It takes a small effort to fill out a contact form or send you an email but this can often be enough to put somebody off reaching out. With Tawk.To users can simply send you a message knowing that they will receive an almost immediate response.

When it comes to support, your website visitors will now be able to get in touch with your team incredibly quickly leading to a better user experience.



As well as enabling live chat functionality completely for free (forever), Tawk.To also has some powerful monitoring and marketing features as well as endless customisation options. Learn more about the service here.




The final feature that we’ve included on this list is ShineJS, another JS library. This little library adds some beautiful interactive shadow effects to your text. You can check out the demo using the link below.

Similarly to the ParticlesJS library above, this simple and subtle interactive effect is brilliant for engaging your website visitors and adds an effect that isn’t often seen in website design. Learn more here.


Final thoughts


And there you have it, 6 plugins and tools that add great additional functionality to your WordPress website. As always, any questions please let us know. If you’re interested in a learning a little more about us, you can do that as well.


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