Challenges That Web Designers Face Building Websites

A company’s website today is more than just having a place on the Internet. In fact, it’s often a potential customer’s first interaction with a company. This means a website must convey the company’s brand, provide value, as well as make the user experience comfortable and easy.

For these reasons, web design agencies are finding it more challenging to create and manage websites that fulfill their purposes. On top of that, consider the number of websites an agency works with each day. Each client’s site is unique and has specific requirements when it comes to functionality and features. These are the issues that make designing websites more challenging these days.

So, web design agencies need to focus on those tools that help them build and maintain their clients’ websites. The right tools can make building and managing websites more efficient, as well as more effective.

In this article, we’ll take a look a some of the issues faced by website design agencies,  and how they can overcome these problems with the right tools.

Keeping Personal Information More Secure

Building a secure website has never been more important than today. The rise in cyber crimes involving personal data is on the rise, with hackers using more sophisticated methods all the time. They also continue to use social engineering tactics to gain access to business data.

In fact, phishing attacks are still one method hackers find highly effective. This usually involves the hacker impersonating as a known contact via email. The email typically contains a link to a malicious website, which when clicked takes the email user to the site where malware is installed. If the user happens to be on a company network, the infection can quickly spread to others on the network.

The malware may be ransomware or criminals may threaten to keep business data for ransom, with the promise of extortion if the ransom is not paid. Hackers can also use malware to hack the network and execute malicious commands on the company’s network.

To avoid these types of issues, web designers need to build websites that can resist these and other common cyberattacks. This may include the use of third-party plugins and themes. It should also include keeping software up to date, controlling privileges to access web applications, and using SSL and HTTPS protocols.

Creating an Attractive UX

Designing and building an effective website that is appealing or attractive to a wide range of site visitors is another challenge faced by web design agencies. One of the main problems is to create a user experience that doesn’t which doesn’t confuse site users confusing or turns them away. Web designers sometimes fail to remember that the site users are humans, and the site needs to be designed to attract and engage their human users.

One of the issues is making site navigation too challenging and confusing. Another is using technical jargon, which normal site visitors aren’t able to understand. One more problem is that designers are sometimes too focused on making a “pretty” site and make mistakes that make the site uncomfortable for site visitors.

For this reason, web design agencies need to remember that they need to make a site that appeals to the user. This means the site needs to be attractive, while also providing a smooth, comfortable UX. Steps designers can take include making the site navigation easy, and optimize the site’s page, which makes them load faster.

Integration of Third-Party Functionality for Social Media

Most websites today require third-party functionality with social media platforms. This is because many businesses have found social media to be an excellent way to stay in touch with customers and draw in new visitors to their site.

If social media functionality isn’t built into the website, then the company’s social marketing efforts are cut off. This makes their website ineffective and just another site on the Internet.

To avoid this issue, website designers need to ensure their clients’ social media platforms are included on the website. This means the proper use of third-party applications to integrate the site and social platforms.

Doing so makes it much easier for the company to have a more effective social media presence, as well as a place online where interested followers can learn more about the company, its services & products, and more.

How to Work within a Budget

Another common problem is the working budget for a website build. Most clients have to stay on a particular budget for their website project. The problem comes when the web design agency finds that the client’s budget is too low to accomplish all that needs to be done. Another issue that can come up is that the client finds the web design agency’s quote is too high. Project costs do vary widely depending on the services and functionality required.

As designers, it’s important to remember that it’s best to build a great site on a budget. That can be challenging, and you may not be able to satisfy all of the client’s requests. In that case, be honest with them, and then let them know what can be included at the price they can afford.

It’s important to work with your client to come to an agreed-to amount before the project starts. Communicate with the client to come to an agreed-upon amount. Then work to stay within their budget, without any hidden costs popping up. If there is a cost that pops up, talk with the client about the issue and how it might be solved.

Keeping communication open with clients is a great way to build credibility and trust with clients. When they feel your agency is transparent and honest, you’ll have a happy client.

Responsive Design

This is another area where web design agencies can have problems. These days, most people use any number of devices to access the Internet. These include tablets, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and more. Each device has its own size and yet, site users expect their favorite websites to look and act the same across their devices.

For this reason, web design agencies must build websites that are compatible and responsive for most devices that will access the site. Websites should load fast and be attractive no matter the type or size of screen used by site users.

Creating websites can be challenging but using tools such as web builder platforms can bring uniformity to a project, as well as efficiency when it comes to time spent building each site. These tools can be easily used by web design agencies to create the best possible websites for their clients, without taking more time

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