Essential Gmail Extensions – Supercharge Your Inbox

If like us you utilise Gmail or G Suite for your email client, we reckon you’ll have fallen in love with it’s user friendly design and clean format. And you would’t be alone since nearly 1.5 billion people around the world now use Gmail.

Over the years Google has continued to add new features to your inbox and upgrade it’s spam filtering so that Gmail (or the paid version, G Suite) has continued to dominate the email market.

With all that said, the primary reason we love using Google’s services for our email client (as if the above reasons weren’t enough!) is the fact that you can take it’s functionality even further by installing different extensions. Have you ever wished you could type an email at 1am and send it at 9am (so you don’t look like a lunatic) or deleted an email attachment after you mistakenly sent it? Maybe you’re wondering whether people are even reading your emails? If so, this is the post for you.

Here’s a list of our absolute favourite Gmail extensions and how they can increase your productivity.

1. Boomerang

We’ve been using Boomerang for many years now and couldn’t live without it. Boomerang allows you to type emails and send them later. This is great if you’re a night owl but want to give the illusion that you have a healthy work life balance. Equally we find it useful for when we need to remember to submit projects for amends or send proposals.

Boomerang is even more handy when you take advantage of it’s namesake – the “boomerang” feature. Can’t deal with an email right now? No problem as Boomerang allows you to receive the email again in a specified timeframe (e.g. 1 hour).

Boomerang offers a free plan as well as multiple premium plans. Depending on the amount of messages you need to schedule you’ll get on just fine with the free plan.


2. Mailtrack

As you can guess from the title, Mailtrack allows you to track your mail. No more guessing about whether a potential client ever received or read your proposal. You can opt to receive browser push notifications or emails when ever a recipient reads one of your emails.

Mailtrack is also really useful in understanding how your potential clients are interacting with your proposals. If they open and read your email multiple times then this is a good sign. If they don’t get in touch it would still be worth giving them a nudge.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Mailtrack will send you an email notification if a recipient doesn’t read your email allowing you to get in touch in a different way.

Mailtrack offers a free plan and multiple premium plans. If you’re happy with them sticking their logo in your email footer then you’ll be good with the free plan.


3. Wisestamp

Wisestamp is a fantastic extension that allows you to easily create a professional and well formatted email signature that will render well on all clients and devices.

We particularly like Wisestamp as an email signature generator due to it’s templates and ability to include an image. Research has shown that users who include an image of themselves in their email signatures receive 32% more replies to their emails. We’re all just searching for that human connection we guess.

On top of this, Wisestamp enables you to add “dynamic apps” to your signature, such as your latest blog posts, videos, daily quotes and more. Oh and we should also mention that you can use multiple Gmail signatures for different purposes (e.g. one for personal and one for business). The best bit you ask? It’s free!


4. Snapmail

Want to feel like a spy? We advice you to quickly download and install Snapmail. This handy little extension enables you to create self-destructing emails (how cool is that?). Besides being awesome, this functionality can be incredibly helpful if you routinely need to email passwords or other sensitive data.

Once installed you just need to type out your email as normal and rather than clicking send, click “Snapmail”. Your recipient will receive a link with a notification that they’ll have 60 seconds to read the message before it is deleted forever.


5. Digify

Digify is a version of email tracking but for attachments. This brilliant extension notifies you when Gmail attachments have been opened and read. You’ll know the moment whenever your recipient opens, prints or forwards your attachments and be able to access comprehensive statistics for your files.

Find out that somebody is circulating your valuable content without your permission? This is when Digify really shines. In these instances you can use the extension to self destruct or revoke access to your files so that you can ensure that your data stays safe.

You’ll never have to worry about sending attachments to the wrong person any longer!


6. Checker Plus

Our final extension for today’s post allows you to seamlessly check email from multiple Gmail addresses in one place. Once installed, Checker Plus adds an icon to your browser toolbar. Clicking this icon gives you a dropdown list of all of your inboxes and allows you to read, send and delete emails no matter what website you are currently browsing.

We’re confident that Checker Plus is the fastest way of viewing your email where ever you are on the internet and it is for this reason that this extension has made it on to our list.


Final thoughts

Although Gmail is a fantastic service, it can’t do everything… yet. With these extensions you can improve your productivity, improve your marketing communications and protect yourself from email mistakes. We hope that you’ve found this post useful and as always if you have any questions please let us know!


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