Four Things to Do in Leeds on a Budget

Leeds is not often thought of as a vacation destination, but this northern city in the UK is a beautiful city with much to offer. You’ll find great food, excellent shopping centers, museums and much more. Not only that, but Leeds also has a lot to offer even if you’re on a budget. We’ve done some research to find activities that are £20.00 and under to help you enjoy this unique and cultural city.

Yorkshire Park Sculpture Garden

Leeds features some of the finest art galleries in the UK, including a unique outdoor sculpture garden, called the Yorkshire Park Sculpture Garden. The park offers a unique concept called “art without walls” and is found within the environs of the Bretton Estate. The sculpture garden was created over 200 years ago and features beautiful formal gardens and landscapes set with fine sculptures. Entry and enjoyment are free in this outdoor sculpture gallery.

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm

If you’re looking for a fun, low cost outing for you and the kids, look no further than Meanwood Valley Urban Farm. Here, you and the kids will enjoy visiting with farm animals—not only that, but you’ll learn about sustainable farming and more.

The farm is a registered charity that sits on 24 acres and works to help inner city communities, while also raising endangered species. They offer everything from environmental education, programs for students having difficulties with traditional education methods, and more.

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm even offers allotments to locals for growing their own gardens. You and your family will enjoy a day visiting the farm, it’s a beautiful setting and the farm animals are great fun – admission is extremely reasonable: adults: £2.00 and £0.50 for children.

Temple Newsam Park: Go Ape

Are you up to a bit of high level adventure? Then be sure to check out the Go Ape attraction at Temple Newsam! The Go Ape adventure is actually set up high in the trees of Menagerie Wood. Here, you’ll find rope walk-ways set in the trees. The attraction offers three different levels, including one level for kids under seven years.

The Go Ape attraction provides adventures such as the Tarzan Swing, zip lines, precipitous drops (for adults who want to experience an extreme thrill) and more for £18.00! One note – children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

The Holbeck Underground Ballroom (The HUB)

Another unique venue you’ll find in Leeds is the Holbeck Underground Ballroom, also known as The HUB. The HUB offers pay-what-you-want theatre performances! They provide a setting where local and national theatre groups can give a rehearsal performances of their plays. The pieces may be something traditional or may even be something altogether new and avant guarde. You never know! However, if you enjoy a little adventure when it comes to theatre productions, you can’t go wrong—especially when you pay what you pay-what-you-want!

We hope one or more of these attractions will help you and your family enjoy time out in Leeds, even if you’re on a budget. You can’t go wrong—Leeds has so much to offer everyone, including kids!

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