Six Services for Checking Website Traffic

How would you like to find out how many site visitors go to your competitor’s website? That could be some helpful data! But is it possible to find this type of information about your competitor’s website? Yes, it is possible!

Running a competitor analysis is a great way to learn more about the industry and your competitor’s website traffic. With this information, you can improve your own website and marketing tactics.

What is a Competitor Analysis?

A competitor analysis means identifying competitors online and researching different information about their websites. It’s helpful to review a competitor’s products, the appearance of their website, how the site functions, competitor sales, and more.

A competitor’s website traffic can provide various types of information. It’s possible to see how many visitors they receive in a certain period, how their traffic changes over time,  and more. You can also find the site’s keywords, which drive most of their traffic. And it’s possible to tell which of their landing pages receive the most traffic. You can also learn where their site visitors come from, as well as their target audience.

The information you learn about a competitor’s website can be used to identify top trends in the industry. You can also use the data to improve your own business website.

How is a Competitor Analysis Conducted?

A competitor analysis is done with specialised tools called a website checker. These tools are usually easy to use, so anyone can conduct the analysis. They won’t need to have any coding skills. These tools analyse the various metrics of the competitor’s site, including:

  • Page view duration
  • Unique visitors
  • Bounce rates
  • Sources of traffic
  • And more

We’ve put together a list of services that you can use to conduct a competitor analysis. Read the following sections to find the top tools for your competitor analysis.

Best SEO Services for Checking Website Traffic

Here are the tools that will help you learn more about competitors’ websites!

1). Semrush

Semrush is one of the most popular website checkers online. This is a traffic research platform that monitors the web traffic of just about any website on the web. It can be used to check keyword tracking, research, analytics, and much more.

All you need to do is enter your competitor’s website URL, and in only seconds you’ll have an in-depth analysis of the site’s traffic. They make it easy to check the website’s valuable data and even let you use how the site’s traffic changes each month.

Be sure to check out the website analysis tool on Semrush. Here, you’ll find valuable data on the number of unique visitors, how often they visit, and more.

2). Sitechecker

Sitechecker has been around for a while and is considered a classic website checker. It offers a wide range of tools that can be used to find data on a competitor’s site. You can then use this data to improve your own site’s performance in the search engines.

The two most valuable tools on this site are site monitoring and rank tracking tools. Their backlink tracker is also helpful.

While many of Sitechecker’s most useful tools are paid, the site’s free tools can still provide you with valuable information about your competitor’s site.

For instance, the traffic checker can be used to analyse a site’s traffic, overall visits, visit duration, and more. You’ll receive plenty of valuable data that can be applied to your own business and website.

3). Similarweb

Similarweb is a great site for analysing website traffic. It can provide you with an in-depth review of your competitor’s traffic and even let you see where the site’s visitors are coming from. The site provides you with detailed, descriptive reports on a specific website’s strategy when it comes to traffic and marketing.

You’ll also learn the keywords your competitor is using to bring invaluable traffic. The site even lets you know which social media traffics generate the most website traffic for your competitor.

4). Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most valued SEO tools on the web. Their website checker is one of the site’s best features, which allows you to see why competitors are ranking as they are.

Ahrefs is more like a web crawler, which crawls billions of websites across the web each day. It has already indexed millions of websites, which makes this site a valuable source of traffic data.

This tool provides more information than some other website checkers. You’ll have a ton of information to review, but if you’re experienced with SEO, the site makes it easy to filter and analyse the data. You’ll easily be able to find the metrics that are most beneficial for your research.

5). Ubersuggest

While the other website checkers we’ve included in this list are fairly well known, Ubersuggest isn’t quite as prominent. However, this tool offers a wide variety of metrics and capabilities. And it’s completely free to use! However, Ubersuggest also offers a premium version, which does provide more analytics.

This is an easy tool for just about anyone to use, even those who are not developers. The tool was originally built for newbies, so you’ll find it very easy to use.

Ubersuggest provides an in-depth analysis of a competitor’s site. It offers traffic insights over a specified time, breaks down keywords that are bringing in the most traffic, and more.

6). SpyFu

SpyFu is another site that offers a wide variety of SEO tools. However, this site is geared more toward experienced marketing professionals. It also doesn’t offer quite as many tools as Aherfs; however, it is a site that’s easier on the budget.

You can use the platform to run keyword research, have access to management tools, and it offers in-depth and easy reporting software. You’ll find it easy to learn more about your competitor’s website.

The dashboard is easy to navigate and provides all the information you’d want about a competitor’s website. It offers PPC data, keyword volume, as well as visitor volume. You can even test your own keywords against your competitor’s keyword volume to see if your keywords are similar to theirs.

Summing It Up

With this list of website checkers, you’ll have the right tools to learn more about your competitor’s website. You’ll then have helpful information that can be used to improve your own site’s traffic, which leads to more customers and business.

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