Spreading The Word About Your Site Launch

Congratulations! All of that hard work has paid off and your new website is now live.

The first thing that you can do to really kick start your online presence is drive as much traffic to it as possible. This will encourage Google to index your website more quickly, allowing you to show up in search engines sooner. The more people you can get to visit your website the quicker you can start to improve your search rankings too.


How can I do this?


There are a few ways that you can encourage people to visit your website depending on how long you’ve been in business. Here are a few ideas:


Your literature

Make sure you include your website URL on all of your new marketing materials as well as your email signatures. Include it where ever you can (think your roller banners, marketing leaflets and business cards!)

Email newsletter

If you have a mailing list this is an ideal way to get the message out about your new website. Make sure you also let your mailing list members know how this new website can bring them value so they are motivated to have a look. If you don’t have a mailing list, we recommend you view our guide to creating one that can be found on this page.

Social media

If you already have a business page on the main social networks then this is another great opportunity to share the news of your launch. If you don’t, then this is something else to put on the to do list. You can make a start in the meantime by sharing it with your friends and family, and encouraging them to do the same.

Word of mouth

Probably the best way to drive traffic to your new website is just to tell people! If you’re just as excited as we are about the launch of your new site, tell everyone you can to have a look! It’s a great idea to gather feedback too, as this will give you a good idea about how you can develop the website in future.


Once you’ve got a healthy amount of traffic to your website there are a number of ways that you can sustain this over the long-term. Read more about the things that you can be doing here.


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