Strategies to Use Google Trends for Powerful SEO

Are you looking for a way to optimise your site for SEO? Would you love a free tool to help you spot current trends in your niche? Then why not consider using Google Trends to help your site rank higher and bring in more traffic?

Just in case you’re not familiar with Google Trends, we’ll review the service in the next section. Then we’ll share some ways you can use Google Trends for your site’s SEO. Let’s get started!

What is Google Trends? 

Google Trends is a free tool that provides statistics and other data on the popularity of search terms entered into the tool. It primarily draws specific information from Google and YouTube, making this an excellent free tool for any business or website owner. The tool was first introduced back in 2006, and the latest version was released in May 2018.

Google trends can be used for comparative keyword research and used to find keywords related to specific events. The tool also provides a search volume index combined with geographical information about search engine users who use specific keywords and phrases.

Here’s an example search. First, head over to Google Trends and set the country to your own or the country of your target audience. Now, do a search for Greta Thunberg. After hitting “enter,” you’ll see various graphs and text showing this search term’s current search engine statistics. You’ll also find a range of filters that can help you filter the data by country, date/time, category, and type of search.

When you click the hamburger menu in the upper left of the tool’s page, you’ll also find other tools, including Trending Searches (current searches on the Internet), Year in Search, and more. These features can also help you pinpoint search terms used by your target audience.

Google Trends can be helpful for businesses of all kinds, whether they provide products & services, run an ecommerce site, and more.

In the following sections, we’ll share tips on how you can use Google Trends to increase your website’s SEO.

Use Google Trends to Rank Higher in the Search Engines

Here are some tips on using Google Trends to help rank your site higher in the search engines!

1). Find Search Volume Trend

Searching for keyword volume trends is one of Google Trend’s most popular purposes. After typing in a keyword or phrase, the tool will display the keyword’s trend over the last twelve months. What can you gain from this data? For one thing, you can find when the keyword first started to become popular in searches. This information can be helpful to create content around specific keywords people are searching for. You might not see the keyword’s trend by using a regular keyword research tool.

Next, Google Trends can keep you from using keywords that are trending downward. Keywords and phrases trending downwards indicate the search terms are becoming less popular.

2). Find Related Keywords

Another great feature is that Google Trends makes it easier to find related keywords. To do this, just run a Google Trends search like normal. When the search results come up, scroll down to “Related queries,” which is a table that shows related queries (keywords) to your search term.

These keywords are related closely to the search terms you type in. What’s more, these are trending keywords! The tool shows you the % of search volume increase for each term in the list. That’s highly valuable information—for free!

3). Find New Topic Ideas for Content

Content creation can be a struggle at times. However, with Google Trends, you can access a treasure trove of keywords and ideas for new content. About 8% of searches are phrased as questions. You can type in search queries such as:

  • How to
  • What is
  • Why is
  • When did
  • How old is
  • And more

By doing so, you’ll be sure to find some topics and keywords related to your site. The key is to choose those that are relevant to your target audience. When you find suitable topics and keywords, then use these to create new content. Your site is sure to draw more traffic due to using focused, relevant subject matter and keywords.

4). Gain Insights into Your Niche

Google Trends is an excellent tool to gain insights into your niche, crucial for ranking high in the search engines. The tool can also work to track trends in a specific niche and even find new related niches.

Google Trends helps you answer a wide range of questions. For example, you can learn of ongoing trends for the last few months or even for the past couple of years. The tool can also show you seasonal keywords and so much more.

5). Create Marketing Strategies Based on Seasonal Trends

If you run an ecommerce site, it’s crucial to understand the seasonal trends in your market. Google Trends can help you with this, too. The tool also helps offline businesses develop the best strategies for their seasonal promotions.

6). Target Based on Location

Local SEO is critical for local businesses, for this is how customers in the str find a company. Google Trends can also help your business find and target a local audience. You can do this by sorting through topics and niches in your region, as well as in other locations.

The tool provides helpful insights into markets in other locations. This is important because the people in each location have their own preferences. For example, with Google Trends, you might explore the possibility of expanding into new markets. You’ll have the information to reach out to customers in that location, too.

Summing It Up

There’s even more you can do with Google Trends! This is a valuable tool on so many levels; it’s impossible to include all the ways it can help your business.

Google Trends is a tool to increase the SEO on your site. The data and statistics the tool provides are invaluable and can give your business a huge boost!

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