5 Problems You Can Solve By Blogging Regularly

If you’ve spent even a small amount of time reading about digital marketing then you’ll certainly have come across the rise of content marketing and the benefits you can supposedly receive from blogging regularly. For the past number of years there has tended to be a lot of hype about blogging. This may be justified by some studies finding that businesses that blog regularly increase sales by 30%, but what does this mean for you? Here’s 5 problems you can solve just by blogging regularly and publishing great content:


1. You’re not getting enough website traffic


Blogging regularly will increase your website traffic, especially if you are providing valuable content that your audience wants to see. If you can provide useful information that solves your target audience’s problems it’s much more likely that they will visit your website even if at this stage they are not thinking about buying your products or services. Where once your website focussed all on you and your business, you can now expand it’s appeal by focussing on your customers.


2. Your website has a really high bounce rate


Your bounce rate is the percentage of website visitors that land on your website and leave without interacting with it in any way. If your bounce rate is high (around 20%-30% is normal, as you’ll always have people that have mistakenly clicked), your visitors aren’t sticking around to learn about you, your services and products. Reducing your bounce rate is indicative that you’re doing something effectively to establish a relationship with your current and future customers and clients.

Blogging is a great way to provide in depth information and value to your customers. It’s much more likely that your audience will stick around if they are learning something or being entertained by an article that you’ve written. Perhaps once they’re done they’ll read another or look at your products, reducing your overall bounce rate and evidencing that you are starting to connect with your audience.


3. You need to establish trust and credibility with your customers


You may have heard the label “thought leader” in your digital marketing research. Every modern business is working hard to establish themselves as thought leaders in their fields as this is a great way to build trust with customers and evidence credibility.

As you’ve guessed it, the best way to build this essential trust is to blog regularly about your business niche. Insights into your industry, helpful guides that solve your client’s problems and other pieces of content really help to show that you’re credible, even if you are a young business or freelancer just starting out. If you’re providing DIY guides around the services you offer, website visitors may use these hints and figure out that they’d rather pay somebody to do a better job. These users are much more likely to return to you as they’ve already engaged with your brand.


4. You’re not being found in search results


The single best way to demonstrate to Google that you’re an active business is to update your website regularly. Blogging is the tool of choice for this, allowing Google to understand where you sit within your business niche and how authoritative you are.

Google wants to understand three things about your website. Firstly, topical breadth, means how far your reach is within a particular niche. Topical depth, is the likelihood that your website page will adequately solve a searchers query. Thirdly, authority, is how valuable your content is, evaluated by how many other websites vouch for you. This means that a website with a wide range of topics within a particular niche, rich content of 1000+ words and lots of links from other websites will rank higher than others.

Blogging allows you to target a much larger group of long and short-tail keywords. Sometimes you’ll even rank on page one for certain phrases by accident! By blogging weekly you’ll increase your website traffic, lower your bounce rate and improve other key metrics – all of which Google uses to rank your website.


5. You don’t have much of a social media following and are not getting any engagement


If you are struggling to generate much interest through social media, have you stopped to think about what content your following would want to see or read? A perfect way to distribute your blog content is via your social media platforms. So if you’ve started to provide useful information and helpful guides you are already armed with great content to circulate for a specific target audience. You’ll see increases in your following as well as greater engagement. Even better, you’ll also be increasing your website traffic as well!

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