The Most Valuable Locations & Pages on Your Website

Did you realise that certain locations and pages on your website are very valuable? If not, then you may not be using these spaces to their best advantage. Doing so could increase the number of site visitors and could lead to increased revenue.

The locations and pages we’re referring to are those areas that are the best places to include products, offers, services, and more. These areas need to be maximised to grab visitors’ attention, directing them to your message.

Let’s take a look at these areas and how you can use them to get your message across more effectively.


We’ll start on the first page site visitors usually view first—the homepage. This is the page that receives the most visits.

People come to your site from various sites across the web. They may come from social media, a link on another site. Those coming from social media will land on a specific blog post; however, those using a link from another site will most often land on the homepage.

Many blogs and websites use the home page to list the most recent posts. However, another use for the homepage is to create a static page. A static homepage is one that never changes, which is why it’s called a “static” page.

With a static homepage, you can create the layout and the content in anyway you’d like. You have full control. A static homepage can be used for many things including:

  • Displaying products/services
  • A hub with links to other pages of the site
  • Grow an email list

If you have a WordPress website, then it’s easy to set the homepage as the static page. In addition, if you’re using a builder such as Divi from Elegant Themes, it’s easy customise the layout. The best part—you don’t have to use any coding.

The static homepage can be as long or short as you’d like. It can be used as a way to welcome site visitors, and you can even add an “about me” section. The use of this page is to help site users know where to start. From there, you can guide them into a sales funnel and other content on the site. The goal is to help site users find the content they’re looking for.

Top of Blog Posts

This is another valuable section on your webpage, and is found just below the post’s title, but before the start of the content. It’s a highly visible area, yet not many take advantage of this prime location.

You can use this area to run ads—it’s a great place for grabbing the attention of visitors. You’ll get more clicks and possibly make more money in the process.

The space can also be used in other ways, too. You can use the location to place an ad for your own product. People will click on it and then be taken to the product’s landing page. Another idea is to place some text with a callout message, which then leads visitors to other content, or another page on the website.


In-content refers to ads or other text/images situated within the body of the content. When someone’s reading the content, the ad or text immediately draws their attention. The area can be used for ads, promos and more.

Here, again, it’s possible to share your products and services, or feature other content. If you choose to use this space, then it’s a good idea to use a text-based ad rather than an image. These days, site users are used to seeing images and just ignore them, especially if they resemble ads.

When opting for text-based ads in-content, it’s good practice to make the image standout. This can be done in a number of ways such as using italic or bold text, choosing a background colour to emphasise the text. Be creative, but avoid using fonts and colours that don’t match your site or the product/service covered in the ad.

In-content spaces are also a great place to place email opt-ins.

Directly Below the Blog Post

This area, located at the end of your blog post, is another prime location on your site. This is usually found below the fold, but it’s still a great location. The reason is that people will view this area after they finish reading the post. The eye naturally falls to this spot on the page, so you can include an offer or use the space in another way.

After reading your post, people interested in the content may then be ready to accept the offer you’ve placed just at the end of the post. You can promote products, services or even place an opt-in form there.

Top and Bottom of the Screen

The top and bottom areas on the screen are also valuable locations. Placed in one of these positions, you can easily grab the attention of site users by using a “sticky” notification bar in these areas. Here, the word “sticky” just means these bars will never move. The bar will stay in place at the top and/or bottom of the screen when visitors scroll in either direction. This is sure way to get visitors to pay attention to your message.

Another way to use a sticky bar is as an ad or even the internal promotion of your own products and services. You can also place an opt-in form on the bar, or use is as a way to guide site users to other content on the site.

Site Header

Placed high on the page, this area draws attention due to its high visibility. If you monetise your blog, this may be where your banner ads will be placed. This is an area that is considered to be a high-performance zone for advertisements.

Or for those who are not using ads, this space offers a prime location to display your own products and services.

About Page

This is one valuable page—it’s where many people go to find out about your business. And it’s one of the most visited pages on websites. Yet, the page may be the most neglected by site owners.

The purpose of this page should be focused on providing information that readers are looking for. Many site visitors want more in-depth information than is found on the homepage.

People visiting you site want to learn about the business, you, and so on. This page needs to be vibrant, and the content should draw the reader in to learn more. This is a great place to include a call to action, such as an opt-in form.

Summing It Up

When you’d like to add value to your site, such as a message or promotion, look to see if these valuable locations are being used. Each of these site locations are opportunities to connect with site visitors and possibly earn revenue. With just some small changes, you can maximise these locations on your website and make your site more effective in the process.

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