Grow Your Email List Fast with These Tools and Resources

If you’re in the process of building up a new online business, one of the first and most important tasks is to build an email list of dedicated subscribers. This is true no matter what type of site you have—from an ecommerce site or if you’re providing a service—you’ll need an email list. It will be one of your most valuable business assets.

There are many different tools available to grow your email list. And you’ll find a wide variety of resources available that work to make this job easier and effective. We’ve done the research to bring together some of the best tools and resources you can use to help grow your own email list.


Unfortunately, many site visitors may come to your website, but most will leave and never come back. That’s a fact of life. However, with OptinMonster, you can convert more visitors into email subscribers who will eventually become paying customers.

OptinMonster helps to create slide-in forms, inline optin forms, floating bars and more. You can create just about any type of optin form to help get visitors keep coming back for more and engaging with your business.

OptinMonster gives you access to many pre-designed templates that are easy to use. Just enter your own message and connect it with your email provider. It’s also easy to use the drag-and-drop editor to design and create customized forms.

This service works with WordPress, static HTML sites, Shopify and more. You’ll find many other plugins available that seem to offer the same type of service; however, OptinMonster is by far one of the best.

Here are some of the features this tool offers:

  • Create notification bars
  • Create mobile-friendly optin forms
  • Create popups
  • Create 2-step optins
  • You’ll have full control over when and where forms are displayed
  • You’ll have access to pre-designed templates or have the option of creating your own forms.



This is another optin form plugin for WordPress made by Elegant Themes. You’ll need a membership to Elegant Themes if you’d like to use Bloom.

Bloom allows you to create all types of optins including inline forms, below-content forms, fly-ins, widget area forms, and forms used to lock content, so only subscribers can access it.

You’ll also find Bloom allows you to control when and where forms are displayed. You’ll also have access to over 100 pre-designed templates to create forms to use on your site.

If you already have a membership with Elegant Themes, then you may enjoy the added value of Bloom. You’ll find Bloom offers these features:

  • Create fly-in forms
  • Create popups
  • Create inline and below-content forms
  • Lock content to make it viewable only to subscribers
  • Control when and where forms are displayed
  • Bloom works with 19 email marketing platforms
  • You’ll have access to over 100 pre-designed templates, which you can customize


WP Subscribe Pro

While this is a premium WordPress plug-in, WP Subscribe Pro is one of the most affordable options available for growing an email list. They also offer a free version.

WP Subscribe Pro let you create only popups—no other types of optin forms. It also includes an exit intent technology but doesn’t offer the same targeting options that OptinMonster provides.

This plugin works well with several email platforms including MailChimp, GetResponse and Aweber, among others. However, it doesn’t integrate with as many platforms as some of the other tools.

This plugin is great if you have a lean budget but doesn’t offer as many options as some of the higher priced tools available.

WP Subscribe Pro features include:

  • Creating popups
  • Some control of where and when forms are shown
  • Exit intent
  • Customizable colors (make it match your branding)
  • The free version is somewhat limited



This tool helps you to grow your email list through the creation and use of landing pages. You’ll also be able to create popups and notification bars, but the point here is landing pages.

Landing pages are a great way to grow your list. With a landing page, for instance, you can create a free ebook or other resource, which is a lead magnet. Then create a landing page to offer the resource to visitors, but they have to offer their email address before accessing the material.

Leadpages offers great templates, and it’s easy to make your own design and layouts, too.

Leadpages features include:

  • Creating popups and lead pages
  • Create notification bars
  • Use pre-made temples or create your own with the drag-n-drop creator
  • Collecting payments



This is a Leadpages alternative, which is highly popular. This tool allows you to create landing pages, notification bars and it offer pre-made templates or you can create your own.

Unbounce runs a little more expensive than Leadpages.

Unbounce features include:

  • Creating landing pages and popups
  • Notification bar creation
  • Use of pre-made templates or easily create your own with the drag-n-drop builder


Thrive Architect

This is a WordPress plugin that helps you create your own page and post layouts and designs. You just use the easy drag-n-drop builder. It’s not only for building your email list, but you’ll find it does offer a variety of landing page templates, so it can be a good alternative to Leadpages or Unbounce.

Thrive architect offers a variety of pre-designed templates, which you can customize with your own text and images. You can also create your own designs from scratch and easily integrate with the most popular email marketing services.

Thrive Architect features include:

  • A plugin which gives you a drag-n-drop page/post build for WordPress
  • Pre-designed landing page templates
  • Create customized landing pages with the drag-n-drop builder
  • Works with the most popular email marketing service providers


These are only a few of the best tools available to help you grow your company’s email list quickly. When choosing between the tools, make sure to read all the details and ensure the tool offers the best features for your type of business. When you are settled on the right tool with the right options, you’ll be happy to see how quickly your email list grows!


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