Building Out Your Website Content

Your website should never really be viewed as being finished.

Google and other search engines view websites as being “alive” or “dead”. A website is classed as alive if it is being visited, attracting new and returning users, being updated and publishing new content. If your website is classed as dead (e.g. not being updated or actively managed), this can have a negative impact on your search rankings quite significantly.

There are many benefits from updating your website content regularly and there are a few ways that you can do this.




Many people might feel that blogging is overrated and a waste of time and amongst all of your other options it might seem that way. Although it is true that websites that have an active blog generally drive 30-40% more traffic than those that don’t. If you can create lasting, interesting and informative content you will certainly drive more traffic to your website and interest in your brand. Google will often pick up blog articles before it finds main website pages for this reason. You’ll want to circulate new blog content through your newsletters and social media accounts to attract new customers. It’s well worth the investment to task somebody to maintain your blog and you can read more about best practices here.


New pages


It’s great practice to not only publish new blog content regularly but update your images, graphics and pages. If you are planning to offer new services in future, then make sure this is detailed on a new page on your website – Google loves to see a site that is being developed further and updated. Advertising these changes via social media is a great way to get the word out and attract new visitors to explore your new services.


Updating your information


If things in your company or industry change often, make sure you update your site to reflect this. If you are changing your opening hours or telephone number then you need to update this as soon as possible for both your human visitors as well as search engines. Even if you are adjusting your content by a few words, search engines will recognise these changes


If you’d prefer to avoid this hassle and have somebody handle this for you, it might be worth checking out our website maintenance packages.


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