5 Digital New Years Resolution Ideas

As we welcome in the start of 2019, we will typically spend time evaluating the year and what we’re going to do better in the next. Most of us will abandon these once well intentioned plans in early February, but when it comes to marketing more effectively and generating more business, your digital New Years resolutions are worth sticking to.

We’ve come up with a list of ideas that you can work with to kick start your 2019 digital marketing efforts:


Taking stock and coming up with a plan

With so many options to explore, it’s easy to go full steam ahead with your digital marketing activities without analysing what is working and what isn’t. Without this information it’s really tough to develop and implement a coherent digital marketing strategy.

If you’ve been going for a little while we bet that you’ve tried most channels open to you, whether this be search engine optimisation, social media, paid advertising and/or email marketing. Have you stopped to work out how these are benefitting your business?

It’s worth delving a little deeper into the data you have available. For example, do you know how many of your website visitors find you through search engines and how many come from any paid advertising campaigns? Which of these groups have been most likely to get in touch after looking at your website? How many visitors does your website receive from social media and are these more common from one network to another? All of this data is available via Google Analytics (haven’t installed it? This is how you get it).

Once you can work out where your website traffic is coming from and how many of these people actually go on to buy your services or products, it’s a lot easier to decide where to focus your efforts. If your search engine traffic ends up converting more often then investing in search engine optimisation might be more cost effective. If your social media traffic isn’t even across platforms you may want to spend longer crafting your posts and engagement on certain networks.


Dusting off your website

So you got a swanky website built a few years ago but kept it small by promising yourself that you’d add to it when you had time. Unfortunately that time never materialised and so your website hasn’t been updated since it launched.

Now is the time to finally getting round to swapping out all of those stock images for real photos of your team and business. While you’re at it update all of your contact details if necessary and add a little more written content to your service pages, about us section and home page.

Not only do these amendments improve the visitor experience and increase the likelihood that people will get in touch, fresh content is also great for improving your search rankings.


Sticking to a content schedule

Blogging regularly, or content marketing, is extremely valuable for so many reasons that we’ve blogged about before. The trouble is it takes an investment of time that becomes hard to maintain. We’re here to tell you to persist!

Fresh content, in the way of a blog post, is one of the most essential elements of improving your search engine rankings. Equally, blogging about news in your sector, helpful guides in response to your audience’s frequently asked questions and unique insights really establish you and your business as experts in the field. If you’re still not convinced, find more reasons to blog regularly here. Once you are, this is how you blog for maximum results.

Commit to a post once a week or fortnight and try to keep to this schedule until 2020. We promise you’ll see fantastic results.


Improving your SEO

Search engine optimisation sounds very complicated and the topic is surrounded in mystery and misunderstanding. Fortunately once you understand a little about what influences your ranking it becomes simpler to steadily increase where you are placed in Google.

If you’ve never done any proactive work on your SEO and have a website that’s been online for a number of years then you are perfectly placed to start improving your rankings. Simply follow a guide like this one and start appearing higher for keywords that will create new leads.


Engaging with people on social media

Social media can be a great way of developing new leads when you’re in specific sectors, like B2C, however all businesses can benefit from having a social presence. Where most companies go wrong though is by not taking full advantage of these platforms.

Set yourself the target of actually engaging with other organisations and people this year rather than just posting sporadic messages every so often. Reach out and say hi, offer advice and answer any questions. Circulate your blog content by posting links to your post and encourage people to click through and read them. What ever you do, stay active, engaged and never silent.

All of this activity will benefit lots of other areas of your online marketing as well as drive interest in your services and products.


Final thoughts

We hope we’ve inspired you to think about your 2019 digital marketing goals and really do hope you stick to them. We guarantee that if you stay motivated and keep working towards them you’ll see results pretty quickly. As always, any questions let us know!


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